EYZONU Consulting Services LLC

EYZONU Consulting Service, LLC is owned and operated by Rod Budd, a career law enforcement professional with over 30 years experience.  Rod retired as a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in 2012 after a successful and rewarding 25 years.  His previous law enforcement experience includes the Defense Investigative Service and the Ocean City Police Department, Ocean City, MD.

Rod's NCIS career took him around the globe conducting sensitive and often time's high profile criminal, and counter terrorism investigations and operations.  Many of his investigations and operations garnered national and international media attention.  Rod has successfully conducted investigations involving allegations of high level narcotics distribution, violations of immigration and naturalization laws, arsons, homicides, procurement fraud, thefts of firearms, interfering with U.S. aircraft and sexual assault.  He has also conducted numerous counter terrorism operations and developed skill set to recruit and utilize sources of information to detect and deter potential threats to the United States.  Rod has operated extensively in various undercover capacities and is well versed in surveillance tactics and the use of covert audio and video equipment.

During his career he presented numerous investigations resulting in successful prosecutions in local, state federal and military courts and earned a reputation as an intuitive, aggressive investigator with proven results.

Rod received many awards and commendations over his career.  He received the Naval Station Norfolk Trial Service Office "Agent of the Year" on two occasions and he has received numerous awards from the United States Attorney's Office, Eastern District of Virginia, as well as recognition from many other local, state, federal and international agencies.

Rod spent the last 16 years of his career in the Coastal Virginia area and has developed a vast network of contacts and knows the area well.

EYZONU Consulting Service is a Department of Criminal Justice Service (DCJS) licensed Private Security Service Business.  Rod is a DCJS registered private investigator, instructor, compliance agent and personal security specialist.  Rod is a member of the Private Investigators Association of Virginia and a Private Investigator representative to the DCJS Private Security Services Advisory Board.